In this step you decide who gets access to the course, as well as deciding wether the course should be free or cost money. 

Under ENROLLMENT INSTRUCTIONS you have four different options of how students are to sign up:

  • Manually added only: you will have to either add already registered users to your course, and/or invite every student manually, like you did with Instructors/Facilitators. This option will be available under the "Students" tab in the edit course menu.
  • Any registrered users gives everyone signed up on your portal access to signing up for the course. 
  • Any registered users with a passcode gives you the option of choosing a passcode for the course, which will be the key to entering for all your potential students. You can either distribute this passcode yourself (telling people face to face or e-mailing), or you can invite them manually under the "Students" tab in the edit course menu.
  • Registered users who passed the prerequisite course: Select one of the other courses on your page as a prerequisite course for this course. Your course will be available for everyone who passed the prerequisite. 

Under COURSE PAYMENT you can choose to charge money for gaining access to the course. You will have to setup your payment options and decide on your course price. 

Press NEXT to save your progress and move to Step 7.