Decide the overall minimum grade required for passing the course, refine the text on the different course ending pages, along with creating and modifying the course certificate.  

The percentage you set for MINIMUM GRADE REQUIRED is the average percentage required as a total for all the assessable items through the whole course. Setting this to "100" forces the student to get everything completely right to pass your course. Setting this to "0" helps all the students pass no matter their answer. 

We would suggest putting this at 50% for now, and then later go back and modify when you know how what assessment your content requires. 

PRE-COMPLETION PAGE is the page the student land on if he/she has to await final assessment from an instructor.

COMPLETION PAGE is the page the student land on when everything is completed and assessed, and the course is passed.

FAILED PAGE is where the student lands if he/she was unable to reach the minimum required grade.

Under COURSE CERTIFICATE you have the option of overriding and editing the course's default certificate. You can add pictures and text to it, and preview your changes until your certificate looks like you want it to.