FILE DOWNLOAD is a flat information module element where the student can download a file to his or her device. This might be a pdf or a Word-document, a spreadsheet or a presentation. 

Write a TITLE and mark the box for "Show title in unit view" if you want the title visible in the course. We recommend that you write a title even if it is not visible in your course, to make it easier to identify it if you later have to go back to edit the module.

Use the CONTENT field to write an explanation or assignment connected to the file download. 

Under DOWNLOAD SOURCE, press browse and "Select Files" under the "Upload Files" tab to upload the file from your device. If the file already is online, find the file under "Media Library" and press "Insert into post". 

Under LINK TEXT, write the text the students are to press to download the file. 

How a file download looks like in the course:

Press DELETE MODULE under the text to remove the module element from your Item.