SHORT ANSWER is an active module element where the student answers a question with a written word or a sentence. The only difference between this module and the LONG ANSWER is the visible size of the text field. There is no actual letter limitation in either of the text fields, but the visible size gives the student an impression of the answer length the instructor wants.

Choose a TITLE for the module even when you will not show it in the unit view. This makes it easier to find the question if you want to go back to edit it later. 

REQUIRED forces the student to answer the question to complete the course. 

If the question is ASSESSABLE the student's answer will be graded. 

  • If checked you will have to choose a MINIMUM GRADE for the question to be passed. 
  • Allow the student to review and change their answers through ALLOWING RETRIES

USE TIMER to limit the student's time in deciding the right answer.

  • Choose a time frame under the STUDENT COMPLETION TIME LIMIT.

This is what the short answer looks like to the student in the course:

The PLACEHOLDER TEXT is the explanation text that is in the answer field before the student writes his/her answer.