When the Course Setup is done, you are ready to begin adding your content. After pressing Finish at the en of Step 7, you are automatically moved over to the Items tab, and the draft for your first item is awaiting you. A course contains of however many Items you wish, each with an adjustable date for availablility. An Item consists of Modules, which can be organized into Sections. 

When pressing PUBLISH COURSE, the course information along with all Units in live-mode is made available in your portal. The green light and the check mark shows that the course is published. 

The ITEM TITLE will be the headline of the Item, as well as be visible in the Item overview and the Course structure. 

The UNIT DESCRIPTION adds information to what the Item contains in the student's Item list. 

Press ADD NEW UNIT to add more units to your course. You can also REARRANGE UNITS by grabbing the with your cursor and move them up or down the unit list. 

UNIT FEATURED IMAGE gives you the option of adding a picture to the Item title in the Student's Item overview. 

This is what the Unit featured image looks like in the Item overview:

Using UNIT AVAILABILITY you can decide when you want the Item available within the Course:

  • Instantly available means that its available as soon as the course is. 
  • Available on lets you choose a specific date for availability. 
  • Available after allows you to custom make availability through choosing how many days it should be between the student signs up for the course and the Item is availiable. Example: Item 1 is instantly available, Item 2 is available after 2 days, Item 3 after 3 days, etc. 


  • User need to answer all required assessments and view all pages in order to access the next unit: Force the student to look at all the content and answer everything marked with the red required star. 
  • User also needs to pass all required assessments: Force the student to make the minimum required percentage to be able to move on to the next Item. 

Important! If the required assessment is a text answer or a file upload, the student will be forced to wait until an Instructor has given feedback on their answers before they are able to move to the next item. Read up on this subject here: How to force students to PASS an item to get to the next.

Press SAVE WHOLE ITEM whenever you want to save your progress, and whenever you exit the Item builder.

Use the PREVIEW button to see what your Item and content looks like for the student.