DOCUMENT is a flat information module element that gives you the option of adding (and connecting) document files directly from the most popular cloud services Dropbox, Google Drive or Box. The document visible in the course will stay connected with the document in your cloud, giving you to option of keeping it automatically updated, mirroring the original file at all times. 

The module is limited to PDF, DOC, XLS and PWP files only, and has a maximum file size of 10MB.

Write a TITLE and mark the box for "Show title in unit view" if you want the title visible in the course. We recommend that you write a title even if it is not visible in your course, to make it easier to identify it if you later have to go back to edit the module.

Choose a cloud service under SELECT FILE to find your document:

  • Upload document: Find a document on your device or the course portal's library.
  • Add from URL: Write the address of the document you want to import.
  • Add from Dropbox: A new window will open were you log into the Dropbox account, find your file and press "Select". 
  • Add from Drive: A new window will open were you log into the Google Drive account, find your file and press "Select". 
  • Add from Box: A new window will open were you log into the Box account, find your file and press "Select". 

Choose "Log out" if you want to log in with a different user to find the file you are looking for.

IMPORTANT: Some browsers might block the pop-up window that access your cloud service. Make sure your browser always allows pop-up windows from the page. 

Choose how you want the document to be viewed by your students:

  • Width: The standard is 100% of the width of the user's device. You can change this into another percentage or in to a pixel value (e.g. 300px). We recommend using percentages for width, making the document automatically customize both to a computer's widescreen and a phone's narrow screen. 
  • Height: Try out the default height using the "Preview" button below. Percentages do not work for height because a website does not have a set height and could in theory be endless.
  • Show Download Link: Make the document downloadable or leave it for the students to view only. 
  • Download Text: Write the text of the link the students press to download the document. 

This is what a PWP document looks like in the course:


The document file size cannot exceed 10MB, a limitation Google and Microsoft has set not to overload the bandwidth on e.g. mobile devices. Use the File download module for bigger files. 

Press DELETE MODULE under the text to remove the module element from your Item.