It is the blue interactive modules the students are to give assessable feedback on:

Important! You have to remember that an uploaded document or a text answer cannot be automatically assessed (like a multiple choice or a form), but will have to be manually assessed by an Instructor. If these settings have been enabled on either Short Answer, Long Answer, File Upload or Form, the student would have to wait for the Instructor feedback before he/she is able to progress to the Course's next item.

MINIMUM GRADE is the option of setting a specific required percentage of correctness for the module to be marked as Passed. If this is at 100%, everything need to be correct, whereas if it is at 60%, 2 out of 3 answers need to be right. 

Together these to alternatives urge the student to complete every module to a certain percentage before moving on to the next one. 

You also have to option to ALLOW RETRIES, and thus allow the student to try again where he/she has failed. If a student only has 1 try, he/she would need to wait for an Instructor to reset their answers to try again. A visibly restriction on allowed tries urges the student to do a better job of answering on their first try, and therefore also to review your content better.