With Simplylearn you can receive payments through PayPal and Stripe. We would recommend at least adding Stripe as a payment solution as this allows your customers to pay by credit card.

How to integrate Simplylearn with Stri

This can be advanced if you need support, reach out to us.

#1: Setting up Stripe

  1. Go to stripe.com and follow the instructions to register a new account. If you already have an account then go to dashboard.stripe.com, here you will get all the necessary information to set up your payment integration. 
  2. Locate the "Developers" menu, and then press "API Keys". In the section for "Standard Keys" you will then find a "Publishable Key" and a "Secret Key". You need both of these keys to set up your integration. 

#2: Insert the information into Simplylearn

  1. Naviger til SIMPLYLEARN > Innstillinger > Stripe Settings
  2. Kopier inn LIVE Publishable KEY og Live Secret Key. 


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