You may have saved a row or module as global but decide that you would rather it wasn't global so you could change the content independently wherever it appears in your site.

There's isn't a direct way to do this, but it's not hard.

Note: When you delete a global row or module, any instances of the global row or module in your website will remain in place but become regular rows or modules, no longer linked to each other.

To change a saved row or module from global to standard 

  1. Open any page for editing in Page Builder.
  2. From the add content panel (the PLUS button), go to Saved scroll down Saved rows and Saved modules and drag the global row or module into your layout.
    This is just temporary.
  3. In the add content panel, delete the global row or module by mousing over it and clicking the X icon.
  4. Open the row or module in your layout for editing and click Save as.
  5. Enter a name for the row or module and select No for Global.
  6. If you don't need the row or module in your layout, delete it.